A Foundation of Support for the Whole Person

As a part of 国外博彩app mission to educate the whole person, our health 和 personal wellness programs serve your needs beyond the classroom. From primary care 和 short-term therapy to peer health educators 和 recreation, we provide the services to support your physical 和 mental health as well as your overall well-being. Our team of professionals works in a variety of ways to ensure you are at the top of your game so that you can get the most out of your time at 国外博彩app.


健康及促进健康 is your first stop to finding the support you need to maintain your overall well-being.

Whether you are building healthy habits, need guidance on which on-campus health service to visit, 或者只是找个人聊聊天, our program offers a variety of resources to help you develop the skills 和 habits you need to fully embrace your 国外博彩app experience.

Health 和 Wellness Crew (HAWC), our trained student leaders are nationally certified peer health educators with the experience 和 skills to offer guidance 和 education focused on your personal well-being. A friendly ear or a professional resource, our team can offer you private personal support as you navigate college life.


大学的娱乐 (UREC) is a center for community 和 connection that empowers all 国外博彩app students to live happier 和 healthier lives.

Enjoy a variety of activities all centered on fun, fitness 和 personal development; many at no additional cost. 探索瀑布, 试试有氧舞蹈课, grab a few friends for an Outdoor Volleyball league or go for a swim. The REC center provides programming that fits into your life, interests, 和 needs.

With a comprehensive facility that houses both basketball 和 racquet courts, 健身工作室, 池, 和, 力量和有氧运动器材, we make sure you have the opportunity to live the active life you want.


入口 way to Bellarmine Hall

An accessible service for all students currently enrolled, the 学生健康中心 is your primary care center on campus.

Located in Bellarmine Hall, the 学生健康中心 is a fully operational medical clinic. We offer health care at a minimal cost for many of your health 和 wellness needs. We also serve as a resource for questions about the university immunization requirements as well as the student health insurance plan.

访问 the website for information on the primary care services we provide 和 our clinic’s hours as well as information on how to make an appointment.

Counseling 和 Psychological Services

詹姆斯C入口. Pigott Pavilion for Leadership

国外博彩app Counseling 和 Psychological Services (CAPS) provides individual psychotherapy on campus to currently-enrolled students as well as off-campus referrals for specialized or longer-term care. CAPS-licensed therapists provide free 和 confidential clinical services. Faculty, staff 和 loved ones can call to consult with CAPS staff on how to refer a student to CAPS. Committed to personal well-being 和 mental health, CAPS can help you identify the best next steps in your mental health care.

To make an appointment or learn more about our many services, including urgent care hours 和 psychoeducational programs, 参观 帽子的网站.

If you are experiencing an emergency